A sample of my work:

Having never blogged before, this is the first. I wanted to show you this painting. It is one I will not sell, because the figure in the painting is my mother, who died in 2012. The place is the English garden on the island of Ilnacullen in the bay of Killarny. We were there on a tour, and took this optional trip. She borrowed the white raincoat from another member of the group, as it rained the whole time we were there. What a beautiful spot, and a wonderful memory.

This painting was in a juried show at the Firehouse in Longmont. It won the memorial award, which is very apropos. I am very grateful to Quang Ho, who was the jurer. He said it was actually too green, but it was Ireland . . . and the figure was too close to being right in the middle, which is true. There are things I would certainly do differently now, but I love this painting, and hope you will too.



4 Responses to “My Artist Page”

  1. Barbara arundki

    I can’t believe this is a painting, Michel. It looks like a photograph. It’s beautiful. As it turned out the raincoat was perfect, right?


  2. Susan

    Thank you for posting! This is an exquisite GREEN painting, not too green for me and the white figure in the center is the balance point for me.



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